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Well, we’ve been at it a week.  Still busily working to have excerpts formatted to post, so keep with us.  And, of course soon – there will be links where you can actually buy the books from which we’ve posted excerpts!

Didn’t think we’d let you walk away without being able to buy the whole thing, did ya?


Welcome to Heart Strings Romance

I’ve often tried to define romance.  But the more I try, the more it defies description because it seems to be different for everyone.  To some romance is a gooey-gooey concoction that makes your teeth ache from the sheer sweetness of it.

To others romance is the outward expression of a deep, visceral feeling that connects one lover to another.

For lovers of the classics, romance has a hint of the ethereal.  A touch of danger and perhaps mystery.  For more contemporary thinkers it is heated, feral and fated.

But for me, and the others out there like me, romance is all of those things.  It is as individual as a snowflake and as varied as the colors of the sky at twilight.  So, if you think that you’ll never read a romance novel – think again.

Some of the most popular and enduring movies have gotten their start between the pages of a mass market romance.  I’d name names, but this is only a blog and I don’t have that kind of space or time to write them all!

Just know that anything that moves you to emotion, where a couple of people are tempted by fate and saved by love can be, rightly, called a romance.  So open your mind to the guilty pleasure of getting lost in someone else’s romance for a little while.  Try out some of our sample chapters, you might just find a new favorite!