All about the Heart

I know I’ve not been writing a lot of blog posts of late, but that’s simply because I’m working on a couple of novels (to be available soon!) and I’ve just not taken the time to wrap my head around anything outside of my egocentric little universe.

But something happened recently in my family that pulled me out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t that I was all that upset, but it was the reaction of all the people around me that had me in a dither. So. I’m on a mission.

Anyone old enough to remember the movie Network? The one where Peter Finch got on the air and screamed, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore” and everyone all over town started shouting out their windows, echoing his sentiment? It stared a movement that changed the course of the lives of the people in that film.

Got a good picture of that? Good. Because we need to start a movement too.

Well..I’m not mad. I’m full of hope and faith and all kinds of positive vibe. I want to let you know, wherever you are today that there IS hope. No matter what has happened, no matter how bleak it looks right now, the sun will come up tomorrow. No your problems may not be gone with the rising of the sun, or even with the rising of 30 suns – but every day is an opportunity to make it a little better. And a bunch of little better days turns into something really great.

What if you can’t make your situation better? Ok, we all know that there are some things you just can’t “fix”. The death of a loved one, the end of a career, the breakup of a relationship. Those things are pretty final. You can’t make them better as they were, but maybe that’s because they weren’t in any condition to survive anymore.

To recover you have to forget the bad stuff and relive the good stuff and then pay it forward. Remind yourself of how good it feels to be strong and happy by sharing a little of yourself with someone who’s worse off. And believe me…if you look – you’ll find others that have bigger problems than yours.

This medium is so fantastic that it allows us to connect with long lost friends and relatives, with kindred spirits, and with brilliant minds that we’d otherwise never get to meet. But it also allows us to tap into a pervasive negativity that comes from complainers and the sad sacks of the world.

I read somewhere that you will become like the 5 people you most closely associate with. Who are YOU associating with? Are you associating with people who are full of negativity, anger, hate? Do they spread ridiculous rumors designed to invoke fear and hostility?

Or are your 5 the kind that lift up and encourage others? Are they the ones that tell you that it will be OK, even when it feels like nothing will ever be ok again? Do they make you laugh at them? Yourself? Do they enlighten you and share your loves and direct you away from hate?

THOSE are the people I want in my life. So no. I’m not mad as hell. But I am hopeful. Hopeful as all get out and I want to spread that to my friends. And I want them to spread it their friends. Let’s start a movement of hope. One that lets go of all the hatred and negativity and centers on lifiting each other up.

I’ll start. I know you have better days ahead. Put one foot in front of the other and you’ll get there. You might be dirty, tired and hungy when you get there…but it’ll have been worth the trip.

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