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Kate Goodwyn offers up some exciting and often erotic adventures for those who want try a little walk on the wild side.

Cure for Moonlight

When Dr. Linda Paxton discovers a rare blood type from yet another emergency room John Doe fatality, she’s concerned that she’s seeing so many deaths related to blood loss, but the rare blood sample she’s acquired might also be the link to her finding a cure for serious blood disease and end her decade long research efforts.  When her coworker says she knows where this blood comes from and takes her to the heart of the Mexican rain forest to find it, Linda comes face to face with her destiny in the form of her coworker’s brother, Javier De La Fuentes.   His instant attraction to her can only mean that she is his blood mate.  A woman born to be his one and only forever.  His tall, muscled body and warm charm steals Linda’s breath away but can she learn to live with his family secret and let him steal her heart?

Excerpt from Cure For Moonlight

Linda pulled the sheet over the face of the young man lying on bed and spoke softly to the attending nurse. “Call the Medical Examiner, will you? I want a complete autopsy of this guy. Oh, and get me a copy of the last lab results we have on him and just put them in my office.” The nurse nodded and left the room, his instructions in hand.

Linda turned to look at the lifeless remains of what had been a reasonably fit man in his late twenties. “Well buddy, I don’t know why you’re dead, but I’m going to find out.”  Quickly, she grabbed what she needed from the tray left behind and took a blood sample from the corpse and slipped it into her pocket. “Something fishy’s going on around here and I’m not going to wait around for answers.” Linda looked again at the lifeless mass lying under the sheet and wondered why she’d seen three other deaths similar to this one in the last month. What was killing these people? It was a puzzle she wasn’t about to let go. She sat in the chair by the bed and made notes in the deceased man’s chart.

“Dr. Paxton?”

Linda looked up to see a tall, blonde man standing in the doorway. The bright lights of the hall behind him and the lowered lights in the room made it appear as though he were a dark, featureless apparition. His low, velvety voice was a stark and sensual contrast to the sinister figure he presented.

“I’d like you to come with me, if you would, Doctor.”

She began to respond that she had wait for the Medical Examiner’s staff, but as if he could read her mind the figure answered her unspoken thoughts.

“Not to worry, doctor. The staff is on the way, you are needed elsewhere.”

Without another thought Linda stood and went with the man, leaving the chart she was working on lying in the chair behind her.

“Linda. Linda? Hey, are you paying attention to me?” Linda’s gaze landed on Mary, the small woman who sat across the table, snapping her fingers in Linda’s direction.

With a huff, Linda blinked and tried to shake off the odd sensation that she had been doing something else.

“Um, yea. I’m sorry, I must of drifted off. What were we talking about?”

Mary stood up and got another cup of coffee and sat it down in front of her friend. “Here, you obviously need this more than I do. What’s up with you all the sudden? You act like you’re a million miles away.”

Linda raised the cup to her lips and sipped the hot brew. It tasted like hot water that had been flavored by brown crayon. Finding it weak and bitter, she pulled a face and sat the cup on the table. “Mary, you know those John Doe cases that have been coming in lately? The ones with the massive blood loss? Don’t you think there’s something strange about those?”

“Yea. They’re a little odd, but in both cases there was severe head trauma that would account for the blood loss.” Puzzled by Linda’s sudden interest in those cases, Mary supplied, “you know Linda, we get a lot of Head-wound Harry’s around here. We’re a trauma ward.”

“There’ve been 4 now. And this last guy didn’t have any wounds that I could see. Just massive blood loss. I want to know why.”

“Mary looked around nervously. What do you mean four? I’ve only seen the two. And they had horrible head trauma. It was easy to see why they lost so much blood. The accidents sounded a little fishy, but homicide didn’t seem to think anything of it.” Mary arched a brow at her pacing co-worker.   “So what, you playing detective now?”

“Apparently. Especially since no one else seems to think these are strange deaths but me.” Linda looked around and lowered her voice. “And you know what’s even weirder? I can’t find the medical records for any of them. Not even for this last one. I was writing in the chart and then…” Linda shook her head and took a sip of the stale coffee.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been so distracted lately. I seem to keep showing up places and then not being able to remember how I got there.” Linda stared at the cup on the table.

Feeling her friend’s distress, Mary offered in an artificially chipper tone, “Hey, you know – you’ve been working doubles for so long that you’re probably just wiped out. I just finished my shift too. What say we go and get a bite to eat?”

Linda pushed the fall of red curls from her face and huffed out a breath. “Yea, ok. I guess I’m done here. I just need to go get my purse and stuff out of my office. I’ll be back in a few.” Linda pushed away from the table and headed off to her office.

The moment Linda was out of earshot, Mary popped open her cell phone and frantically punched in the number she knew by heart. Once the phone stopped ringing, she didn’t even wait for the recipient to speak. “Alejandro. Linda remembers everything. I wiped the memory of everyone in the ER, but other than acting a little dazed, Linda still remembers all four of the bodies that came in.  Are you sure your people got rid of the records?” Mary paused, listening to the person on the line. She paced while she drummed her fingers on her thigh and then responded. “We can’t let this lie. But, I think that I’ve got an idea as to how we might solve our problem.”

The tall blonde man of the other end of the phone line simply listened as Mary regaled her plan to get the good doctor off their trail and then responded. “Mary, I don’t think it’s a good idea at all. Telling her the truth is going to confuse and frighten her. Not to mention that it will endanger all of us.”

“Look Alejandro, our memory wipes aren’t working on her. I wrote off the first one to the fact that I’m just young and not good at it. But you did it today and she still has faint memories of those patients. We can’t let her keep investigating.”

“So you think just coming out and saying, ‘hey – you know those patients with the blood loss? They were attacked by vampires. That’s why all their blood is gone.’ is going to just do the trick? Oh that will go over really well. Tell, me Mija, how is that going to help the situation?”

“She’s a scientist, Alex. She’ll keep digging until she figures out what’s going on unless we can find some way to make our little memory trick work on her. I figure I’ll tell her the truth and then concoct some reason to get her in front of Javier. He’ll take care of it.”

“Javier?”  Alejandro shook his head in disbelief.  “Yeah. He’ll take care of it alright. He’ll be pissed beyond belief. Look Mija, I’ve known Javier a hell of a lot longer than you have, and he’ll explode when he hears you’ve told a stranger about us.”

“I know that!” Mary held her breath as she continued.  “That’s why I thought you might want to come with me.”

“Hell no. He’s your brother.”

“Yea, well he’s yours too.”

“Cousin, Mijita, cousin.”

“You’re only saying that because you don’t want to deal with him either…”

After a long silence, Alex finally gave in. “Fine. Figure out how to get her to Mexico and I’ll meet you down there.”

Alex sighed as he snapped his phone shut. A long, slender arm wrapped around his waist and the harsh lines of his face softened as he turned to face the sleepy blonde next to him. Nuzzling his face in her cleavage, he languidly traced the faint blue lines of her veins with his tongue. The woman giggled and pulled his head up to meet her lips. Alex let his long, blonde hair trail over her breasts as he possessed her lips with his own hot mouth.

“I’m sorry baby. I gotta go. Work calls.”

Pushing his long hair behind his shoulder, she looked at his beautifully chiseled features. “Will you be gone long?”

“I honestly don’t know. You know how my work is. Could be days, could be months.”

“Will you call me when you get back?”

He trailed tiny kisses along her neck. “Of course.”

She draped one lean leg over his hip. “Do you have to go right now? Or can you stay a little longer?” Her eyes fluttered closed as she offered up her neck to his sensuous lips. Her hands trailed across the hard planes of his chest as she pressed her hips closer to his. Alex smiled and his green eyes turned dark with passion and a broad smile curled his lips. “I guess I can take a later flight.” His lips came down on her neck just as he pressed into her waiting warmth and made love to her again.

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